Why the Keyboard?

Easy going and fun!

Piano lessons can be a great introduction to the world of music – whatever type of music is your preference.

Learning the piano is a great way to relax and a wonderful opportunity to put your mind into a  different  mode: a perfect antidote to the frenetic ‘always on’ culture that we seem to living through.

“Researchers have found that learning to play a musical instrument can enhance verbal memory, spatial reasoning and literacy skills. Playing an instrument makes you use both sides of your brain, which strengthens memory power”

And a few more good reasons……….

As a busy professional musician myself (violinist), playing the piano has provided me with a chance to unwind and explore music from other angles. Interestingly for me, and despite my string playing background, teaching the piano to children (I teach locally,  part time for the Berkshire Maestros and privately from my home in Windsor) has been an unexpected joy!

I enjoy teaching the limitless classical repertoire to more advanced students, jazz standards and songs from the shows as well as current film scores and other popular songs.

Why not give lessons a try? If you don’t own a  piano, there are alternatives – by way of excellent digital keyboards at great prices, or good second hand pianos at a range of prices. Of course, if you already own a piano, there is really no excuse for it to lie idle in your home.

Lessons are easy to arrange, reward your child with a sense of achievement – and, I promise, will give you some well deserved peace as they spend time practising – animated by the results of their musical efforts.


Piano lessons for children and adults